Is Merchant Cash Advance Good for Small Business?

July 31, 2020

Starting a small business is not an easy thing, especially in contemporary times. Hence, if small business loans, as well as other lending options, are out of your reach, you should consider merchant cash business advance business for your need. Opting for MCA or Merchant Cash Advance provides upfront cash in terms of exchanging a part of your future business sales.

The following points explain the method of financing via merchant cash advance loans in Georgia, so that it becomes easy for you to decide for your business.

What is the process of Merchant Cash Advance?

The sum of money which a lender provides upfront in exchange of a predetermined portion of future earnings is known as Merchant Cash Advance. It can also be described as a quick infusion of funding into your business. Often, this form of lending helps in staying afloat during trouble times.

Many confuse merchant cash advance as some form of a loan, but it is not in reality. What happens in loans is that banks give you the money and you pay it frequently with interest on the principal.

  • In merchant cash advance, you receive the cash upfront from the lender and a predetermined percentage is deducted from the debit and credit sales of the business, with additional fees.
  • Till the time the entire advance has been repaid in full, the lender will continue to take a cut of your sales.
  • There is a fee in MCA, and it is determined on your ability to repay the full amount. When it comes to calculating your fees, the lender generally decides on a factored rate based on your creditworthiness. That rate is multiplied with the cash advance amount to calculate the final repayment amount.


Repayments depend on the structure of the Merchant Cash Advance, which is usually the time allotted for the repayment and the source from where their repayment money is coming from. In case of Fixed Repayment, the lender can request to make regular payments. At the same time, the lender can choose to take a percentage of your sales for a definite period of your future earnings. In the case of percentage payment, the amount may vary over time. However, during the busier months, you will pay more which leads to shortening of the overall repayment period.

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