Loan programs

Every business indeed has its potential, which requires unique financial support like Easy Business Loans, Working Capital Loans, Small business loans, Merchant Cash Advances, Hard money loans to evolve to its best possibilities. At Igotfundedonline, we help companies with various financial solutions to reach their goals. If you want to take the best advantage of opportunities, achieve easy and tough goals, grow and develop your business, let us help you with the right support that will take your business to the next level.

Personal loans

With a personal loan, you can borrow a certain figure of money and pay it back through regular monthly payments without any collateral to qualify for. In other words, you can use the personal loan to fund your upcoming vacation or pay for a big purchase as well as to manage bills simultaneously. Also, flexible terms and fixed rate means the monthly payment is the same as in every month of the loan’s term. Besides, there is no pre-payment penalty, which means who can pay off the mortgage earlier without any hindrance.

Easy Business loans

Irrespective of whether you are starting a business or an established firm that needs capital for meeting different goals, fast access to cash is very significant for a business to thrive and grow. Hence, if you have a great idea or need funds to ensure the growth of the business, Igotfundedonline is the best place where you can find the capital required  in form of small business loans to boost your profitable venture.Whether it is a repairing business, retail store, or pub, a business loan can help you achieve all those dreams and goals without any hassles. Our business loan policies are designed to assist aspiring business owners in transforming their business dreams into reality on their terms.

Working Capital Loans

Operating capital or working capital is the active liquidity available to a business.It also defines the short term financial performance and productivity of the company.This cash flow is significant to cover the equipment, payroll, marketing, and other similar expenses. Moreover, a positive working capital proves the financial stability of a business. On the other hand, companies should have extra money to deal with the expenses when the cash flow is slow.In such scenarios, working capital loans can be the best solution in making the required investment in your business to cover the operating expenditure in the upcoming days.

Merchant Cash Advances

Get fast upfront cash by applying for a merchant cash advance today. It is a fantastic way of business financing that offers the borrowers to get cash in exchange for the purchase of an agreed-upon percentage of the future’ revenue. Furthermore, the merchant cash advance loans have shorter payment terms yet high-interest rates. This is the best and right option for low credit borrowers because sales projections are more significant compared to the credit scores when ascertaining eligibility.

Hard Money Loans

Igotfundedonline takes pride in helping you build a better world through the creation of a mutually successful business relationship. We provide easy hard money loans where the borrower receives money based on the value of a real estate or a particular parcel. Hard money loans can be best described as asset-based loans with higher interest. It is a simple and straightforward process where the borrower is required to fill out a standard loan application form.Moreover, when it comes to hard money loans,it doesn’t require income history and good credit scores.  Contact us today to get a hard money offer for flexible, fast, and secure financing solutions.

Lines of Credit

Similar to a business credit card, this financing solution is best when small businesses require fast cash in a short time. The benefit of a business line of credit is that the borrower has the scope to draw up to a set amount from the credit line and pay only the withdrawn amount with interest. One of the main advantages of this financial solution is that small businesses can use to fill the cash flow gaps, address any business emergency, obtain working capital, or meet seasonal expenses. At the same time, the benefit renewability allows borrowing funds, repay them, and borrow again. It is a significant financial solution for business owners of small companies to meet different goals without any hassles.

Personal Credit Repair

If you have gone through financial hardship and it is going to have a devastating effect on the credit score, then personal credit repair is the best solution for your need. Many people choose this financial solution when they want to start fresh or rewrite their credit score intending to change their financial future. Igotfundedonline believes that good things happen to honest and hard-working people. Hence, we help people to get back on their feet with personal credit repair solutions. There is no doubt that a bad credit score can negatively impact both personal and financial life. We can offer you a path of financial freedom through credit recovery. Contact us today and know more about personal credit repair solutions.

Business Credit Building

Igotfundedonline is a renowned company when it comes to business credit building in contemporary times. In actuality, we are a firm that also specializes in building business credit for business owners. Our professionals will focus on the main components that structure the credit and financial potential of your business. It is our responsibility to find out the right funding programs that are best for you and provide alternative solutions. With us, you can build your business credit with a peace of mind. We offer a new way to create a creditworthy business, get credit and funding while safeguarding your personal credit scores.